Last Update: December 25, 2010

God Bless the United States and Our Friends!

I would be glad to host a directory here for you, however due to the USC 18.2257 rules, I cannot show any picture that shows any private parts, such as breasts or “Hello Kitty”. This is true even for mail parts either real or plastic. I have no desire to end up in court!

If showing pictures is helpful to you maybe you can grant me membership access to your pictures. I will use them ONLY for personal enjoyment. I have been running this page for over 20 years. So you can be assured that I am over 21. I very much would like to have a guest membership to your site.

I need from you: pictures, and a Banner. I will provide you with a series of something like 30 pictures in thumbnail format. These are here to give you an idea of what I would like to see in pictures and so would my audience here. I hope these are helpful to you. You will see that there is no adult content. However, they are playful and on the edge images. I will not post any copyrighted material! You must give me permission in order to use these images and that is done by e-mailing them to me. Once the directory is created, you may add more images whenever you wish by e-mailing them to me and I will add them at my earliest convenience.

I encourage you to visit any banner on the southern charms page, this is what your directory will look like.

I will be glad to set up a directory for you. You will need to attach the pictures and banner to an email and mail it to dennislr@pacifier.com and I will set up a directory for you like you see linked to www.hawksfeetlinks.com/sc.htm

Go ahead and send the pictures.

Thank you, Nighthawk