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This page is to answer the questions about how to be linked. I gladly check out pages and if they follow the disclaimer, I will add the page. The things I need to know:

The address, example:

1., The title of the page, If adult check or some other service is used. I need to be able to see the files. I suggest you use ADULT CHECK and please get it through my page.

Please make your link look like this in your email. Please feel free to copy this link and paste it to the email

<TD>0000<TH><a href="">Your Title</a> <TD>The Date<TD>New Link<TD>Adult Check required, My page bluh, bluh</TR><TR>


2. If "your" page is to be originals, then I will need proof of gender. This is a full body picture showing head to bare feet. I will compare this to other photos on "your" page and decide if this is enough proof. I NEVER POST OR SEND the provided picture(s) out to the world. I keep them in a file for proof and will note this proof in the information area of your link.

3. If your link is old it will be moved to the "Dead and Dying Unknowns" page. Without notice after a time the link will be cleared from there.

Proof of Gender

Proof of gender is a picture that shows the full body of the lady. I would like the picture to be clean. It is NOT my goal to get pornographic pictures from you. In the picture I must see the bare feet to face of the lady. You may fuzz the face enough to hide the identity of her. The neck and body is to be seen. The picture will ONLY be excepted if the model holds a sign saying something with "hawk" or "nighthawk" in it. This is to prove that you did not download the picture from the Internet.

I NEVER give the proof out to the Internet! I will never post the provided images! In fact, I make this statement to the world, "Before I give the provided pictures to anyone, I will remove my feet page from the Internet and leave!"

I have an extremely good memory and perhaps a pornographic memory. Please donít try the game of false proof of gender. I may at anytime ask for more proof and I will expect a new picture for comparison! Proof must have a dating factor like a sign saying, "Hello Night Hawk".

Please see the "sole show" page to see what would be good proof of gender. ONLY full body pictures apply. These pictures were sent to me to share with all of you.

If your link is removed for any reason the proof of gender must be resent upon relinking your page.

How I decide the where to put the link?

Feet links get series numbers 1,000,
Shoes and Nylon links get series 2,000,

and Vendor's links gets series 5,000.

Now how to brake down the feet and just what is a vendor link. The feet have the following different sections: Feet links Daily updaters, Feet links originals (this is the pages that provide FIRST run originals), Famous Feet links, and the final area for Just feet.

What is a daily updater?

A daily updater updates at least 4 out of 7 days a week. Service outages are allowed as long as it does not become a habit. These webmasters do not need to e-mail daily. Only if there is an error or information needs changed or status changes. I will *NOT* write if a change in status is done. You should consider it a gift, if I write. I get way too much e-mail a day to inform of status changes.


What is an Original page?

An Original page is one that posts 80% Original photos (pictures you scan) and can not be found on another page. 20% any other female feet files. Example: famous, Internet re-runs, or vendor sales. Since there are so many links now, I can only spot check. I ask the webmasters or users to e-mail if an update is seen and I have the wrong date.

What is a Famous page?

A Famous page is one that posts 80% Famous photos (pictures of supermodels, and actresses) that are adult. 20% any other female feet files. Example: originals, Internet re-runs, or vendor sales. Since there are so many links now, I can only spot check. I ask the webmasters or users to e-mail if an update is seen and I have the wrong date.

What is a Female Feet page?

A Female feet page is one that posts 80% female photos (pictures if females only!) that are adult. 20% Any other female feet files. Example: originals, famous, or vendor sales. Since there are so many links now, I can only spot check. I ask the webmasters or users to e-mail if an update is seen and I have the wrong date.

What is a Shoe or Nylon page?

A Shoe or Nylon page is one that posts photos of shoes and nylons or has as a title named as a shoe or nylon page since there are so many links now; I can only spot check. I ask the webmasters or users to e-mail if an update is seen and I have the wrong date.

What is a Vendor page?

A vendor page is a page providing products or services. Mistress pages have been classified as vendors. If I get mail regarding videos not sent after payment, I will post a note. You should read the review from an independent video buyer. Since there are so many links now, I can only spot check. I ask the webmasters or users to e-mail if an update is seen and I have the wrong date.


In addition: First let me define a vendor for a frame of reference:

A vendor = A page or service providing a product for sale. This product can be a password not provided by an outside service. Or the product can be two (2) or more videos for sale. All the vendors provide original material of some kind. This group can [not] be considered an original poster.

An Original poster = a page providing 80% original material and 20% anything other such as famous or re-runs. This group may use an outside password service. The password must work on more than one site. This group may sale one video or CD and not moved to another grouping.

It is not fair for one page to get special placement and another not gets the same. The following arguments must not enter into the discussion because all may say the same:

But our site is smaller than FM-Concepts or

We are only trying to cover the cost.

We offer free pictures.

Free picture(s) are the bait to get people to buy.

When a page sales passwords or videos, USERS write me asking for help or complaints of service are given. I try my best to handle these however I am no Internet policeman.

Some will argue this move was to get money for banner advertisement. NO, I'd rather NO banners on the page. Banner advertisement was started in response to a request to put banners on the page. If no money were required the page would be loaded with banners slowing the load time down.

I am very choosy about who will get banner space. I will provide an honest review of the site or the webmaster can provide one but I must agree to the statement. The page must follow the disclaimer on my page or the banner link and all will be pulled WITHOUT refund!

If you are under 21 LEAVE! Grow up and then come back. By using any of this links you are taking all the responsibility. This site is for ADULTS ONLY!

Must be an adult Aged 21 or older!


The Night Hawk does *NOT* take ANY responsibility for any claims made on the attached pages, whether by vendors or otherwise. I link these pages here to help others find what will, I hope, make them happy. I do ask others or the page owners to tell me when the updates happen. If at any time any of these site pages promote illegal acts, I will remove the link without *notice*. I may even turn them in, if such illegal acts are flagrant. People with fetishes are see n as strange, be used as proof of that perception. In fact, we should enforce a higher standard of behavior or morality on ourselves.

"This site is a free site! Support the page if you like it. Do NOT visit if you do not support my disclaimer! This site is to promote the female form. This site will not promote any homosexuality page dealing with men (period). If you are looking for male on male page, please leave now. There is a difference between a male kissing the feet of a female and male on male. The difference is "I will not promote or link it (period)".

You see no matter how nicely I state it; this site is for ladies feet ONLY. I do not care if the ladies are gay or straight. I have been called biased and worse, welcome to America! If you want a male site, start one on your own. My supporters and I paid for this one.

Any use of kid's feet on any site page, I deem to be pedophilia and that is sick, not to mention illegal, and any link that displays it here will be deleted (period). Models must be greater or equal to eighteen years of a get not be considered a child. Also, animal abuse in any manner will NOT be allowed or displayed!

The Internet is a large place, so if you disagree with me on the focus of this page, LEAVE! Start a page of your own and get your own points out. E-mailing me and telling me I'm biased is just a waste of your time. Contacting my provider is also a waste of your time, as I have already and openly contacted the Provider myself, and if there is any problems with them, "we" correct it ASAP. This page is fine and will continue as is!

This site is also protected by the "First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America", and I have not broke any laws or rules of my provider.

I respect all people, I choose to stand up and say, "NO, there are limits." Pages not complying with these standards or rules will not be linked.

Pages are responsible for the links proved by the webmaster. If I find an illegal link on any page the parent page will be unlinked.

Banner advertisers are responsible to this disclaimer! Night Hawk will terminate paid advertising at anytime if the site falls outside this disclaimer!

At NO TIME will refunds of money be made!


Thank You,


The disclaimer was removed from the feet page because it applies to webmasters new and old linked on the feet page. Users should be aware of the mission statement (the disclaimer) and should force pages to live by the same code of conduct. If you should disagree with me, I understand. Goodbye!

Some suggestions to get you back to the "original" section definition:

Sale a video to cover costs.

Sale a CD to cover costs.

Use Adult check or Adult Sights in place of the current password.

My requests

A personal requests to webmasters using Please don't use "white" as a background color, the page failure is "white".

You are welcome to link to my site. I would request however you are not required to use both addresses and image.

To the people wishing to link my page. Thank you! I have two addresses and both are important! If hawksfeetlinks or fails you will have both. The addresses are: and Title: After Dark Hall of Fame Female Feet Links You may find the banners for my page at: You may link directly to them or download them.

Please address all new links ATTN: NIGHTHAWK