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Protection and Mega-File Downloading



We have entered a new age in the Internet life. This is a sad change! The user, YOU, must protect yourself with firewalls and virus scanning. It is better to have a strong firewall! A firewall stops the virus from entering the computer and stops hidden information from leaving your computer.


I have heard that if you have a LinkSys (local area network) running on your home computer system you MAY be all right. I suggest ZoneAlarm. Even if you have a simple dial up connection you need a firewall. The major hubs are NOW infected with software viruses that will probe and slam connections looking for openings within minutes of your connection.


If you are getting Spam email DO NOT answer with remove in the subject area or use the remove procedure suggested in the email. This confirms to the sender that "they" have hit a valid email address. Try, if you can, to weed out the email at the server before download. If the subject area has trash characters in the subject area, DELETE the email without opening it, EVEN if you think you know the sender. SPAMMERS do this to stop filter software. This will stop a lot of virus software and Spam emailing.

Beware of file attachments! DO not download ZIP, EXE, or BAS extentions. There are others. If the file is like trash.bas.txt you are not safe.

These virus attacks are largely do to Microsoft and the doors they leave open to spy on you. Others find the path and then Microsoft closes the door by way of a patch. If my work did not require a MicroSoft operating system, I would use Apple or ANYTHING else. These attacks are all on Microsoft operating systems! Windows XP is not a good operating system and I DO NOT suggest it at all. It has security holes all over it. It is truly garbage programming. There should be a class action law suit for the continuing, ongoing, chronic programming errors. If you have the option in operating systems try for Windows 98 Second Edition, it is the most stable and most of the holes are now patched.



Mega Downloading


I use GetRight to download files. I suggest it highly. Upgrades are free. It is worth the fee to use it. Some sites BLOCK GetRight, but most of the Internet is open to Getright. Getright honors membership status.

I have been known to download thousands of files to different directories without having to click on each one at a time.


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