Starting point to making a Web Page

 Date: November 2003



The first step in setting up your own web site is determine whether you intend it to be a Membership/Revenue Site or a Hobby Site. If your objective is to earn money with your site simply continue reading. If you intend your site to be a hobby site please click here to jump to that section of this document.

Starting a Membership/Revenue Site

The first step is to contact a competent adult-friendly site design and hosting service. I sincerely recommend the folks at BHE as a vendor you should consider. I have worked with them for years and am very familiar with their sites and quality of service. Clicking anywhere on this statement will take you to a listing of the sites they currently manage, design and/or host. You can contact them by calling Phil at 888-682-4808 for a no-pressure discussion of the potential and tasks required to get started.

To save you (and BHE) time, I will tell you some of what they will share with you!

First - you need to have realistic expectations about what a site can earn. Everyone has heard about throwing up a site and making millions of dollars. It may happen that way for a very lucky few, but neither I nor BHE can tell you anyone who has achieved overnight financial independence because they started a foot-fetish site. You should view it first as a pleasant experience that will put you in a wide variety of role-playing situations. It is an enhancement to your sexlife with your partner. It is a hobby, but one that has the potential to generate enough income to make a car payment, or a house payment or both. With VERY hard work and a lot of marketing it could become your sole source of income but nothing comes without effort and that maxim is true with web sites too!

You need to consider the cost of starting. You should have a digital camera, lighting equipment and a source of material. If this is your spouse, that is great. If it is models you hope to find, be prepared for expense and turnover. Independent models are first independent, then they are models. To take a site live as a pay-site you should have at least 25 posts of 35-50 pictures each. That is roughly 1,000 pictures.

Picture posts should be organized to tell a story. We've all seen pictures sets where in 20 pictures the model has moved her arm 12 inches. Make your pictures create a fantasy and include as many fetish areas in each set as possible (boobs, but, upskirt, hose, socks, barefoot, etc.

If you have the content, BHE has some unique plans to help you get started. They will partner with you and will absorb all the cost of site development and hosting. It is only when you start to make money that they begin to earn their share as your partner. As a result they are very committed to your success - you are not just another account to them.

BHE also has credit card billing, and can handle all the details of your membership billing - honestly and at very favorable terms!

If interested, call Phil toll-free (US & Canada) at 888-682-4808 or e-mail

Starting a Hobby Site

It is very easy to construct a web page. Most word processors now have a function to save the written document as a web page. I suggest Office 97 as a great tool in construction of a page.

Choosing a URL or address: is a great free service providers BUT no nudity is allowed and if you try to slip it in someone will rat you out. Some service providers see feet a sexual reason to delete your page. There are ways around this problem.

All free service providers will tell you how to address your new url or address. This is what I call the root address. I only allow one page from a webmaster per unique root address. I will not link <a href=> then also <a href=> and so on. This is called sublinking.

You must create a false front page. This page is on fishing, birds, cars, or anything other then feet!

You create a feet page and that is where you can do some things that providers don't like. Make no connections or links from the false front page to the feet page!

Adult service providers pop up and disappear so fast that I can not remember them. I leave this to you to locate a service provider.

DO NOT use GEOCITIES hit counters! You should use an outside source other then the one provided by the page address provider. They track your pages and can locate pages that should be hidden!

Use or any other.

Remember your codes and passwords! Print them if you must. You can move counters to new pages if the provider deletes your page.

There are extremely good free software packages at to help in construction of homepages and thumbnails. Search on "thumbnail" or "homepage".

To link an image see <img src="image.jpg"> or <img src="image.gif"> This is if the image is in the same directory or location as the page. If the image is in a subdirectory you may use <img src="/subdirectory/image.jpg"> or the address <img src="">

Two very important additions to your page at help users is an email click address like this one: and the date currently is (today's date here) on all pages!

If you update subpages also date the new files and pages to help users.

You may feel free to download my pages and take ideas! Yes, you may copy from others to make your pages look better. If you look at this page you will get a good head start.

Please look at my "how to get a link on my page" page or "YOU want a link". PLEASE read carefully the disclaimer and other stuff on that page.