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Feet Links

Ref Site #Site Address Last Updated Current StatusMore Information
----Original ------------------ ---------
5362 7 days week Update daily Daily updated foot fetish blog filled with free galleries, links and movies!
5160 4 days week daily .
5017 05-20-22Updated Adult Female feet
5225 05-10-22 NEW Site We are footfetish photographers, content creators and supporters for amateur and semi-professional footmodels around the world. We offer exclusive feet-related content and annually publish footfetish magazines with outstanding pictures of our featured models, artists and other photographers from the scene. 05-03-21Updated Original models in foot domination photo sets 05-02-21 Updated weekly Mistress site 04-23-21 Updated weekly Original models in foot domination photo sets 02-11-21 Updated weekly Original models in foot domination photo sets 02-08-21Updated Membership page 03-29-23Updated . 03-29-23Updated .
5060 5 days weekdaily Over 100 Pretty girl next door types and growing, Customs Available 10-29-22 Updated weekly BHE Family, A family of honest sites, Find here the original website with thousands of soles, footjob and footworship pictures. See what beautiful girls can do with her feet to you!
5098 01-30-22 NEW Site . 11-08-21 Updated weekly BHE Family Member 11-08-21 Updated weekly BHE Family Member Weekdays Update daily Feet Links Page, Page ranking
1398foot fetish Weekdays Update daily free foot fetish galleries from all over the web
1428Foot Fetish Avenue Weekdays Updated free foot fetish galleries from all over the web
5499 4 days week daily .
5410 4 days week daily DUNEFEET trampling and crushing ALL FULL WEIGHT!!!
5008 hotlegsandfeet.com7 days week Update daily A membership site 11-13-21Updated WATCH HOT GIRLS PEDAL PUMPING, FAST DRIVING, REVVING, & MORE WITH BARE FOOT AND SEXY SHOES
5213 5 days weekdaily Proven gender female, BHE Family Member
5127 10-13-21Updated Large collection of girls doing footjobs
1018 Judy And Jax Exotic Tuts World 05-14-21Updated Long Nails
5138 04-14-21 NEW Site .
5433 Mike's X 4 days week daily BHE Family Member
5003 01-18-19 Updated weekly Gorgeous European girls exposing their both nyloned and bare feet
5299 01-18-19 Updated weekly Lovely girls exposing pantyhosed legs and feet
5351 01-18-19 Updated weekly Sexy girls wearing vintage nylons
5191 AOTP Magazine 11-12-18Updated Sexy PDF pictorials of cute barefoot girls. Original purpose-created and repurposed content, packaged in a PDF format for download. 10-22-18Updated BHE Family, A family of honest sites
5249 10-11-18Updated pics and vids
5298 FootLoveGirls 04-29-18Updated Hot girls showing her soft soles and dirty soles. They crushing food or licking her feet. Nonnude and topless, pictures and clips.
5196 04-08-18Updated Inside you will love and enjoy amateur domestic fetish, trample, foot domination, boots worship, human furniture, spitting and face sitting.
5594 Femdom Destiny 03-26-18Updated Best Foot Domination Sites by Femdom Destiny
5593 03-26-18Updated Videos
5566 03-03-18 Updated weekly Foot Patrol Studio, enforcement division of Foot Patrol Studio. We're cleaning up the streets, starting at the bottom.
5379 02-28-18 NEW Site When You Really Need Pretty Female Feet, It's Time for a Footy Call!
5573 02-18-18 NEW Site pics and vids 02-18-18Updated .
5596 01-26-18 NEW Site Videos 09-01-15 New site Foot fetish blog, galleries, directory, webcam, videos, discussion and more.
1476Brian's Dirty Feet Photos 06-25-14 New site This is my dirty foot photo page on Flickr with over 3000 photos and growing... 11-20-13Updated . 11-24-12 New site .
1478Monalisas - Feet 06-22-11Updated Female Feet, High Heels, Pantyhose, great Pics, long Toenails, dirty feet, pretty sexy Soles. from Germany Model -Monalisa- . All FREE ! 09-14-10 New site .
1142The Antatheka World of POV 09-19-09Updated Crushing and POV
1328Fuss-Diven 05-16-09Updated German footfetish-site with pics,dvd's,fotosets of female feet to purchase in attached webshop. feet, highheels, barefeet, toes, soles, close-up's
1454FEETandmoreFEET 01-25-11Updated . 08-24-10 New site Free Celebrity Feet Photos 06-13-10 Updated Weekly . 08-03-08Updated Real Life Foot Goddess - Jacklyn Lick 04-22-11 New site Free Site with high quality pictures and videos.
1008Joystick's Foot Fetish Paradise Weekdays Update daily CyborAge required, 'Oriental Beauties' with nice feet only. Justfeet
1108Just feet (1) Weekdays Updated . Weekdays Updated Dedicated free foot fetish contributions site. Submit your best foot fetish images for free. Weekdays Updated Daily Updated Footjob gallery post!
1475Foot Fucking Films Weekdays Updated .
1198DFF - HOMEPAGE - The german foot-erotic forum 04-20-11Updated German Foot site 12-07-10 New site . 11-14-08Updated We are a free foot fetish site. We have galleries of our own models as well as viewer submitted pictures. We currently have more viewer submissions than our models galleries. Come by and check out all of our amateur female feet. 09-16-08Updated Proven Gender Female 05-06-08Updated Excellent mature feet and photography 03-15-08Updated Broadcast female feet
1271A sus pies senora - At your feet my lady 02-10-08Updated Proven gender female
1114Tample-net 01-04-08Updated Top list 12-02-07Updated Broadcast female feet
1262FetishArts 04-28-07Updated Italian original picture
1445Lupy Art 03-28-07Updated .
1440foot4u magazine 01-20-07 New Link shows many great articles and pictures 01-18-07 New Link . 11-21-06 New Link . 11-13-06 New Link This German footfetish-site shows pics and preview-clips of the girls feet that you will find again in their Video and Foto CDís. The DVDís and Foto CDís contain various nice perspectives and close-ups of female feet.The DVDís and Foto-CDís can be ordered 09-30-06Updated Femdom art, Fetish art, photos, videos and print.
1289Welcome to Angel's Feet on the Web! 09-18-06Updated .
1236Melisa - Amateur Sock and Foot Fetish Website 08-26-06Updated Socks 08-13-06Updated mostly original material, foot photography 07-23-06Updated Free amateur site dedicated to beautiful female feet. We offer pictures of bare feet, foot worship, food crushing and feet in socks. 12-28-05Updated original photos of barefoot girls met on the european city streets who don't mind showing their dirty feet! 11-16-05Updated Dominates her foot slaves. She also shows off by giving sexy hot footjobs. Her site is updated everyday with a new video clip. These clips range between 3 and 10 minutes long. Photo updates are weekly.
1184Mark and Tara's World of Pretty Feet 06-11-05Updated 100% Original and totally Amateur Foot Models 06-01-05Updated .
1118Lady Triskan's Soles 05-15-05 New Link .
1314A los pies de Venus 04-30-05Updated language spanish
1274kellys feet 04-28-05Updated French site, no proof of gender
1267fine art feet fotos for fanatic female foot fanciers 02-03-05 New Link An artists' unique view of the female foot.
1145Addicted 2 Feet 02-01-05 New Link Free photo galleries of lovely feet of Abby 01-06-05Updated Proven Gender female, Free site
1312Barefoot Ladies 11-23-04Updated .
1344Amourous Feet Fetish Site 10-16-04Updated Advertising for Sakura-girls a lot 10-13-04Updated .
1147My Sexy Feet 10-05-04Updated Free Galleries of my soles, toes, heels, pantyhose,video, pics etc.. 1417
1361Pata-Pata's Web 09-30-04Updated .
1404PIEDI ITALIANI by Angelino 08-04-04Updated Foto originali di piedi italiani 07-24-04Updated . 07-12-04Updated Monthly chats to meet the models of Feetishes and Solefoodcafe. 1323 05-06-04Updated Beautiful female feet! 1000's of pics, videos, clips, links...and much more! FREE!
1400BeckyLondon 04-27-04 New Link No proof of gender
1111Sweet ladies' bare feet 04-25-04Updated FREE site about Russian girls with dirty feet.
1121Esther's Feet 03-31-04Updated .
1300Arch Angel 04-25-04Updated proven gender, Sister Site to Below The Ankle.
1306Fetishes Explained 01-28-04Updated A look at assorted fetishes. Foot fetish section with pictures. 09-24-03 New Link .
1326LA 07-10-03Updated CyborAge required
1014Feetcollection 06-20-03 New Link feet lover site Brazil
1422Alice's foot worship galleries 05-19-03 New Link Mature lady who likes to have her feet worshipped by younger men. Original pics include foot worship, pantyhosed feet sniffing and sucking. Free site. 30 pics
1325Asian Olli's Foot Domination Page 04-21-03 New Link original trampling, foot and boot worship and toe-nail painting pics featuring an asian Olli
1105Pretty Pink 03-15-03Updated . 03-24-03Updated Age check required
1084Naked Female Feet 02-24-03Updated Four wonderfull private footmodels
1378Pix & Links 02-05-03 New Link Trample, Crush & Feet Pics, And Links To More Trample, Crush & Feet Pics.
1037Piedini 01-14-03 Updated weekly Some original, some webfindings
1309Kat's Paws 01-04-03Updated Features long toes and longish toenails, some pedal pushing, and GTS
1199Prettyfeet's Showcase 01-03-03 Updated monthly No proof of gender 12-25-02Updated German 12-19-02Updated .
1103Nad's feet 10-30-02Updated Proven to be a lovely female
1187THE EBONY SOLE CONNECTION 09-19-02updated featuring, but not limited to, the foot & sole pics of women of color.
1129Foot Sex Orgie 09-16-02 New Link Babe in Red Platforms, Double Secretary Foot Jobs, Foot Sex!, 1391
1411Foot Club 06-24-02updated 100% FREE site, Mainly soles AND faces
1068My Little Toes 09-26-02Updated . 07-29-02 Updated monthly Amateur Foot Fetish site dedicated to all pretty woman from all over that have gorgeous looking feet.
1133Serena's Guide to Podomancy 07-25-02 New Link .
1185SPREADING TOES 06-26-02Updated Proven gender page, Totally free site
1067Melissa's Dirty Sole Adventures (and Feet at the Faire) 06-26-02Updated Dirty Soles 05-22-02 Updated weekly Vanessa'
1056Sandras Feet 05-15-02 New link .
1304Jenny's sweet feet : homemade footjob movies 05-12-02 New Link Free footjob movie collection for ProAdult members 05-12-02 New Link
1317My Kats Paws 05-07-02 New Link Long toenails
1091louie ssole supply 05-04-02 New Link .
1321Mistress Sweet Feet 05-04-02 New Link .
1257Solelover's Ebony Soles Page 05-04-02Updated Ebony Updater
1388Under Feet 04-29-02 New Link .
1191Amber's Feet 04-29-02 New Link .
1036Feet N Soul 04-29-02 New Link . 04-29-02Updated CD sales
1266Shrine to Amanda's Beautiful Feet 04-26-02Updated Proven Gender female. Closing 06-01-02
1184Alicia Ferrari 04-24-02 New Link .
1413Kathleen's Size 10 Feet 06-20-02 Down by request .
1396Amira-Orea 05-24-02Broke Link by Provider Proven gender female on site
1171Anadine 04-13-02Updated No proof of gender
1005Andy's Fighting Females Page 04-09-02Updated Feet of Female Martial-Artists
1200Bibi's Page 04-06-02Updated Proven Female Gender
1245Bare Feet Girls 03-26-02 New Link Free site, reopening after a year down
1065Wifey Soles 03-12-02Updated Original Free pictures, No proof of gender
1270Toe Much 03-12-02Updated No proof Yet
1385monica tyler 03-03-02 New Link No proof of gender
1290Tina's feet 02-20-02Updated Proven to be a lovely female, Full body clean on site
1358Abbase Sultan's Site 02-09-02Updated No Proof of gender
1095Soleciting 01-29-02 Updated weekly Faces are offered 01-26-02 Updated weekly Proof on site for some
1144My girl friend's pretty feet 05-17-01 Updated Proven gender female provided, My girl friend's pretty feet, Only feet
10232size11's A Foot Odyssey 04-10-01 Updated weekly Proven female page
1202A foot Model 03-18-01 New link No Proof of gender
1252German Trading Post 02-26-01 Updated German Site, Faces can be seen 11-28-01 New Link Original Free pictures (updated weekly) and foot fetish links + a new foot fetish top sites.
1311CyliGrl 10-24-01Updated Proven gender female on site
1260Lea's Sexy Feet 09-07-01Updated Proof of gender on page, Original Pictures
1401Below The Ankle 08-18-01Updated Proof on site, Foot Fetish Modeling 07-31-01Updated Faces on site
1075ToeSuckin's Gal site 07-27-01 New Site Proof on site
1201Footpleasures 07-27-01 New Site Original Pics just opened! 07-03-01Updated Trampling, proof on site 06-27-01Updated CyborAge Required, Food gets crushed
1381Berlin-Feet 06-25-01Updated No proof of gender provided
----Celebraties ------------------ --------- 10-21-06 New link Free high-resolution images of celebrities with exposed feet 10-07-06Updated . 07-10-06Updated Beautiful feet A to Z. With celebrities, barefeet, boots, stockings, footjobs, live nude chat, movies and more.
1283Fruity Foot 02-05-06Updated Celebrities 05-28-06Updated .
1336Dafne Fetish 04-09-06Updated Dafne, ex model of Spreadingtoes, started her own website.
1015Your feet show 02-05-06Updated original amateur feet pictures site
1092LegQueens 08-31-05 New Link some german celebs, tv candids, sexy bodies
12391st Czech and International Celebrity Foot Fetish Site 08-07-05 Updated Weekly Czech and international celebrities. Daily updated.
1081LegQueen 07-23-05 New Link this site is all about sexy (famous) women who show their sexy legs, heels, pantyhose, shoes in an elegant style
1080Celebrity Dream Feet 03-23-04Updated .
1004celebfeet project 02-06-04Re-Linked . 02-06-04Re-Linked . - Celebrity Feet 09-19-03Updated Thousands of Celebrity feet pics, feet scenes in Movies/TV, feet clips & much more. Forum
1229Web Feet Collection 03-28-03Updated Barefeet Celebrities, Amateurs and Just Feet sections.
1177Feet in the Movies 01-06-03Updated Celebrities
1331Brazilian Famous Feet 11-09-02 New Link .
1047Thong Sandals 08-21-02RE-added Celebs and more
1329classic celeb scans 11-09-02 New Link .
1322Celebrity Sole 11-01-02 Updated Monthly Celeb Soles, bobrod
13775x5 critical images 03-05-02Updated Foot Fetish, Celebrities
1161NEW DUTCH CELEBRITY SITE 02-28-02Updated Celebs
1238W-Feet 12-25-01Updated Brazilian Celebs, Shoes, Soles, Mpeg, and more. Language: Portuguese and English
1243A closer look at the feet of Heather Locklear! 06-28-01 Updated over 70 pictures and 1 video for the foot-fetish fans of heather locklear!
1123Specialized Celebrity Feet 02-08-01 Updated The Most Pictures Of Your Favorite Young Celebs 02-01-01 Updated Mpegs and Celebrity quotes
13671st czech & international celeb foot fetish site 12-11-00 Updated Czech and international celebrity feet, toes and soles.
1241Celebrity Foot-many famous female feet for you. 07-17-00 Updated adult check NOT required
----Feetlinks ------------------ --------- 12-29-15Updated amateur footlovers
1476Feet9 11-19-15Updated Youtube videos. 04-13-15Updated We are a foot fetish site that features and promotes models, we have lots of feet girls contributing and shooting pic sets
1044thong sandals 05-20-13 New site One of the few sites that is all about thong sandals 04-09-13Updated .
1181WWW.TRAMPLED.ORG 02-18-12Updated 100% free trample and foot fetish site with many free video clips, pictures and stories.
1474FEFEF - Foot Exposing Females Every Friday 08-31-11 Updated weekly .
1483Celebrity Feet 4 Us 03-09-11Updated .
1228International Celebrity Feet 02-10-11Updated, Your premier source for quality celebrity feet images.
1469Celebrity Feet Photos For Free 08-06-10 New site Free Celebrity Feet Photos & Videos
1122Mr Celebrity Feet 04-05-10 Updated Weekly celebrity feet images. 01-19-10 New site Nylons
1481May Feet 12-01-09 New site Brazilian feet
1480Ellen Feet 11-26-09 New site Brazilian feet 11-05-09Updated .
1479Just Bare Feet 07-10-09 Updated weekly . 08-31-08Updated We are a german footfetish community with about 500 active members and offer about 4.000 free pics of female feet and some videos. Our offer is complete free of charge. 07-28-08 Updated weekly videos
1471Foot Fetish Ladysheer 07-06-08 Updated weekly . 07-01-08Updated Adorning the most beautiful feet of Women all over the world
1470Fetish Pass Club 06-16-08 Updated weekly fetish board on the net : bdsm , feet , bondage... 06-07-08 New site link page
1466Christina's High Heels and Trample World 05-20-08Updated .
2075my used shoepage 05-19-08Updated Used Shoes 05-10-08Updated . 04-08-08 New link foot fetish galeries from the web 03-17-08 New link A fine collection of footjob movies, pics and vids all fresh and handpicked by footjob lover 02-23-08 Updated weekly Female feet fetish, legs, high heels, stockings, pantyhose, sandals, shoeplay, dangling, mules.
1282Free-Feet.Com 02-15-08 Updated weekly Proven female page, blog
2006Share-my-Dreams 02-02-08 Updated weekly Ladys in Nylons, Ladys in Stockings and the best of the net 02-01-08 Updated weekly youtube group
1085Foot Feti shhh 01-14-07Updated Illustrated foot fetish 12-27-07 New link nylons, feet, tights, underwear, videos, paint and leather.
1224Candid Foot Photos 12-27-07Updated No Proof of gender, Candid College 12-11-07 Updated weekly Links Page
1441Foot Flirts 12-10-07Updated .
1107canadianfootteasers 10-18-07Updated Beautiful canadian models with sexy feet and high-heels
1451nylonic-12den 10-10-07Updated . 08-27-07Updated allows you to rate sexy feet pics or send your own
2037Nylon24 08-02-07 New Link best nylon pics on the net for free !!! daily updates !!!.
2034Nylonic-15den 08-02-07 New Link pantyhose, stockings, leg fetish pictures and movies 05-15-07Updated . - The erotic of female feet 04-23-07Updated No proof of gender 04-23-07Updated . 04-17-07Updated foot fetish galleries 04-06-07 New Link . 03-09-07Updated .
1443Feet4Ever 02-19-07 New Link . 02-14-07 New Link 100 % FREE and CLEAN Foot Fetish Archive. Updated Weekly by true Foot Fetishist! 01-15-07 New Link .
1261chicks'n'tricks 12-23-06Updated you can order used woman stokkings,high heels and panty's from the hottest chicks from the netherlands
1439Bare Foot Fetish 12-18-06 Updated weekly I only post the most attractive youthful feet. I don't post anything NSFW (footjobs, etc..)
1347Feet Lounge 10-29-06 New Link . 07-16-06Updated Free high quality pictures of women wearing high heels
1205Hot and Nasty 06-05-06 New Link . 06-05-06 New Link . 05-15-06 New Link Polish, amateur, private one; feet-bare, hosed and in sexy shoes; upskirt, voyeur, pix and clips
1253PornXXX 04-26-06 New Link trample, footfetish and crush pix.
1137Hardcore Foot Fetish 04-25-06 New Link Free barefoot fetish downloads. Hi-res pics and downloadable movies 03-11-06 New Link .
1028TFoot Gagging 01-24-06Updated Foot and toe licking, foot sucking, foot gagging. Feet getting swallowed. Movies and pics.
1431TThe Pointed Toe 01-24-06Updated Dedicated to women pointing their toes, like gymnasts, etc. 18 Free Pics. Agecheck required for more pics
1432TAsian Footbabes 01-24-06Updated Hot Asian Footbabes Pics, Agecheck Required.
1433TFoot Sex 01-24-06Updated Foot Fetish Megasite feat. exclusive models, streaming video and more
1434TSchoolgirls feet 01-24-06Updated Cybersex Network ID required, Galleries of hot teenage (18+) schoolgirls showing off their soft feet. 01-24-06Updated Age Check required
1436TAll Soles 01-24-06Updated All free solepics (originals,webfinds,movies) 01-24-06Updated Cybersex Network ID necessary, Focuses on soles and asses. Angle of photography is from behind model. 01-24-06Updated Proven gender female
1298TFoot Fetish Links 01-24-06Updated Categorized foot fetishlinks: Reality, Amateur, Video, Flexible, Teen and more 01-24-06Updated Agecheck required 01-09-06Updated .
2023HeelLover's Page 01-09-06Updated High Heels
1340Flute's Feet 01-03-06Updated .
1235Superb Femdom 12-30-05Updated Age Check required, femdom and foot humiliation pictures
1068That's A-1: Pretty Female Feet & Toes! 12-29-05 New Link There is plenty of M/F Foot Content, and even F/F Foot Content. Lots of free pics, zip sets, and some movies. 12-29-05 New Link .
1163FeetMaster 12-29-05Updated I'm just a bare feet lover trying to send out some good clean feetlinks into this messy world...
1072Fussfetischlinks 12-09-05 New Link German Foot Fetish Guide On The Net
1164Foot Fetish Cute Girls 09-11-05 New Link Adult Check required, Cutest feet girls - Explore the sexy feet photos of these luscious girls!
1337Eure Fuesse - Your Feet 09-04-05 New Link .
1279Master foot fetish links 09-04-05down Mirror site, Links to female foot fetish sites, pictures, free message boards and chatrooms
2032Nylons Link 09-04-05down . 08-27-05 New Link Nylons and Shoes - Italian fetish directory 08-21-05 New Link Free site with lot of female feet's links. - The beauty of female feet 08-21-05 New Link Free site with lot of female feet's gallery 08-09-05 New Link Links Page 08-08-05 New Link .
1299All Feet Pics of Real Amateur 06-24-05Updated free site featuring contributions of Real Amateurs
1362Free Foot Fetish 06-20-05Updated 100% free foot fetish site with many free pictures, 1249
1355Big Breast and barefoot 06-18-05Updated cyborAge required, Site includes Big Breast babes barefoot, Footjobs, stories and clips
1249Foot Fetish Excellence 06-18-05Updated footjob photos
1065Footjob Corner 06-16-05Updated 100% free foot fetish site with many free footjobs pics
1297Spray Her Feet 06-12-05Updated Adult Check required, footjob pics and movie clips
1415Foot Fetish Extreme 06-11-05Updated AgeCheck is used, webfindings
1292Footjob series 1 06-10-05Updated Adult Check, footjob photos and clips
1293Foot Lover Corner 06-10-05Updated Age Check required, pictures, footjobs and movie clips.
1315only feet movies 06-03-05Updated Footjob Pictures Galleries and Movie Clips
1390Hot Feet 05-26-05Updated Footman Galleries CyborAge, Galleries of hot women showing off their pretty feet and some footjobs,1249
1208Only Foot Fetish 05-22-05Updated Free pictures of barefoot women, high heels, nylons hardcore anfootjobs. 1249
1141Bare, feet Ecstacy 05-21-05Updated CyberAge Platinum required, Barefoot pics, footjobs, movie downloads and stories
1204Foot Fetish Clips 05-18-05Updated Adult Check required, Barefeet, xxx-clips and chat rooms
1425Foot Fetish Movies 05-18-05Updated Foot Fetish Pictures Galleries and Movie Clips
1260Feet Lounge 05-17-05 New Link Feet Links 05-06-05 New Link Free italian portal with lot of italian and international link about footfetish 05-06-05 New Link Free italian site with lot of gallery about the beauty of female feet.
1409Sexy galleries 04-27-05 Updated weekly Sexy blonde in black stockings poses on the bed 02-14-05 New Link . 12-21-04 New Link . - the beauty of female feet 11-30-04 New Link Free italian site with lot of feet's images.
1130FeetZone 11-07-04Updated Webfindings
1113Stopki paluszka 10-26-04 New Link Strona dla stopomaniakůw o stopomaniakach/ Site about foot fetish from Poland!
1372Footjob Tv 09-05-04Updated CyborAge, Original and high quality footjob pictures
1280Feet Out of This World 08-27-04 Updated weekly The Gazelle's Paw Brotherhood 1338, Internet feet, shoes and more.
1291the pose - Picture Pages 08-27-04 Updated weekly Internet feet, shoes and more.
1032SexyFootGirls.Com - the best site of footfetish 07-27-04 New Link Sexy Foot Girls - Stockings & Footjob Galleries 07-19-04 New Link 5005
1043Fetish Treats 07-11-04Updated Free Web Finds 06-16-04Updated Webfindings 06-12-04Updated . 06-02-04 New Link .
1318Dutchfoot 06-02-04Updated group, Feet from the netherlands
1417Footmaniacs 05-07-04 New Link featuring free galleries, movies & links, 5121
1114Piedifetish 03-11-04Updated . 02-26-04 New Link red toenails, candid feet, and sexy feet poses. female only. some nudity. free samples. CD of 6,000 images 01-26-04Updated Original footjob picture galleries
1374Lesbian Foot Playing 01-24-04Updated Free lesbian foot worship galleries.
1195Northface's Collection 01-15-04 New Link .
1051Flash Your Feet 01-01-04Updated .
1006Matrix Feet 11-04-03Updated Foot Fetish, Celebrities, FemDom. (in pics and videos)
1386F F T - Female Feet on Tv 09-07-03 New Link New italian site with trampling and foot worship scenes from movies in tv. 07-07-03Updated .
1039Adorable Feet 06-12-03Updated Original and high quality barefoot pictures
1254Toes At Your Service 06-12-03Down Proven gender,free photo sets or free small vids. I also have contests and alot more 09-07-03 New Link .
1029Foot Lover's Haven 05-29-03Updated Web Findings
1348Lesbian Foot Lovers 05-07-03Updated High quality erotic photosets of foot loving models.
1359Ann's Gorgeous Feet 04-22-03 New Site Cyberage, LongNails 03-30-03 New Link . 02-23-03Updated .
1071feet TGP 01-19-03 New Link .
1182Great feet 12-30-02Updated Proof of gender of wife
1387MEGA FEET - THE MEGA SITE OF THE FOOT FETISH 11-28-02 Updated weekly Mega site of foot fetish free, with thousands of pictures as: bare foot, foot job, sniffing feet, candid pics feet, contributions with professional and amateur pictures and etc. 11-02-02Updated French man's links and more
1030Jenn's Dirty Barefeet Page 10-03-02Updated Barefoot Webfindings
1017trichosas passion 09-26-02Updated URL .
1421Asian Foot World 07-26-02Updated CyborAge Required, most submissive in bootlicking
1134Red Rhino Feet 07-19-02 New Link .
1371The feet Links 07-19-02Updated links Page 07-17-02Updated Adult check, Lots of pop-up windows
1265naked barefoot dolls 06-19-02 Updated weekly Barefoot Webfindings
1410Lifestyle of Foot Fetish 06-16-02Updated Webfindings
1225Piedini - Pepita's feet 06-06-02 Updated weekly .
1405Foot dAEmoN 06-01-02 New Link Webfindings
1242Dutchfoot 05-21-02Updated Re-runs and findings
1087Non Titled 1087 05-02-02 New Link findings
1176ChezDuckFeet 05-01-02 New Link Net Pass required, findings
1356Trample Paradise 05-01-02 New Link findings
1190Nice Trample 04-29-02 New Link Age Varifier service ,ADF, WebFindings
1244Seductive Feet 04-26-02Updated Beautifull feet - sexy women 04-26-02Updated CyberAge Platinum required, Barefoot pics, footjobs, Webfindings
1117Sexy Foot Fetish 04-24-02 New Link CyborAge
1150Fantasy Feet 04-24-02 New Link Adult check Gold
1153Her Cruel Feet 04-20-02 Updated weekly Adult Check required, Re-runs and findings
1399cyberfeet web 04-16-02 New Page Re-runs and findings
1189Japanese Female Feet 04-10-02Updated No more information
1209Asian Foot Mistress 03-06-02Updated AgeCheck required,Re-runs and findings
1010Female Feet From Below 02-26-02Updated Cyborage, pictures of "Women's bare feet". 2006
1203FootSlaves 02-24-02 New Link WebFindings
1427IL TOSCANO FEETLINKS 01-15-02Updated The best tematic links page. (english version offered)
1352Barefoot Babes 12-24-01 New Link NetVerifier required, Beautiful nude teen models, deliciously barefoot
1287Trojan's foot fetish and pedal pumping 10-14-01Updated No Proof of gender
1052Fabulous feet 09-27-01 New site it's a Cyberage, Lesbian feet, site with 6 free clickable pictures.
1029Please Trample me 09-18-01 New site It's a cyberage site.
1015Smellslike 09-14-01 New site german site with worship, sox , smell, fantastic super Pix
1337Richman's FF Site 09-09-01 New Site Footworship and more
1339Carnival of Soles 08-18-01Updated Findings, bobrod
1132Mike's SubCity 01-20-02 Updated weekly Footworship and 50 new in each update 07-25-01 New Link Internet feet, web findings
1175Jigsaw 07-15-01 Updated Foot Fetish, Celebrities
1305The Greatest Feet Gallery of the Web! 07-14-01 New Link No Proof of gender on site 07-10-01 Updated Agecheck platinum required, Lesbian bootslaves, footslaves, bondage, trampling, and many more
1089Dominant Female Feet Unlimited 07-04-01 New Site Pro Dommes showing off Their feet
1370ALL GIRL CAST / FOOT FETISH INDEX 04-28-01 Updated Links, webfindings
1009Lust 4 Feet 04-19-01 Updated Web Findings
1140FootFest 04-19-01 Updated Web Findings
1066The Flying Dutchman 04-19-01 Updated Netscape 5. best, Web Findings, Free Webcam
1032FootPrints 04-19-01 Updated Free Daily Foot Fetish Galleries
1094Foot Fetish Palace 04-19-01 Updated Age Check required
1366The Toe Ring 04-19-01 Updated Feet Links Page
1159Foot Fetish Cafe 04-19-01 Updated Web Findings
1375Feet-o-rama 04-19-01 Updated Web Findings
1313Lesbian Foot Lovers 04-14-01 New Link Pass required, Webfindings
1024Facewalk's Tramplefest Site 04-04-01 Updated Trampling 03-28-01 New Link Adult Check required
1126in praise of tori 03-13-01 Updated Tribute to Tori
1035Original Footsex Pics 03-10-01 Updated Footjob pictures 03-08-01 Updated The Footstories Specialist
1210fOoT fEtIsH fReNzY 03-02-01 Updated Re-runs and findings
1240the ultimative pose collection 02-28-01 Updated No more information
1397El_duque's giantess and feet 02-19-01 Updated Feet and giantess feet collages .
1073Footjob Television 02-19-01 Updated contains footjob pictures and also video clips
1172Spoof's Perfect Female Extremities 02-15-01 Updated No Proof of gender, Jody's Hands & Feet
1401extreme foot fetish 02-02-01 Updated Agecheck required, Hundreds of extreme foot fetish pix and videos to download
1011Chez Duck Feet 01-10-01 Updated No more information
1402Foot QVest II 01-07-01 Updated Web Findings.
----Nylons and shoes ------------------ ---------
2048Swiss High Heels Shop 12-18-03 New Link .
2012German foot + used high heels page 11-19-03Updated Original photos of german female feet, well worn high heels and some footworship, all free
2114TvBoots 10-30-03Updated Full body pictures 10-20-03Updated .
2101Missy's High Heels 10-02-03Updated Heels 09-26-03 New Link pictures and videos of females in high heels. Protected by Adult Check.
2120Shoeplay Trade Area 09-15-03 New Link trading
2056fantasy foot warehouse 08-28-03 New Link ladies wearing our shoes
1154A shoe fashion page 05-24-03Updated Full body pictures, Germany
2054Shop 4 Less - Foot Fetish Store 03-23-03Updated Shop 4 Less - Foot Fetish Store is Your One Stop Shop For New & Used Foot Fetish Items for Sale. We are always updating our site with new and used items for sale, so please check back often.
2053Shoestar2 03-22-03Updated Extremely well worn shoes for fans
2080PGTS High Heels Page 01-23-03Updated Nylons and Shoes
1212dirthy feet and heels 12-15-02 Updated Monthly No Proof of gender, footworship and stories
2050Frenchy Foot Girl(s) 12-13-02Updated URL original feet pics of french amateur model. barefoot, toe licking and much
2074Adorable Feet and Heels 11-08-02Updated FEET, HEELS, WORSHIP, GIANTESS, CRUSH, DANGLING and TRAMPLING
2081The Bootique 09-22-02 New Link CyberAge & Sexkey protected 09-13-02 New Link We sell ladies used shoes and have a free foot pic's section
2057Warsaw Feet Gallery 09-13-02 New Link Ultra high-quality pictures of feet and highheels. 100% FREE!
2044Miss F. Sandal Fetish 09-13-02 Updated Monthly by miss F. and girlfriends, and (humiliated) male slaves.
2123Foot worship of sexy asian girl 08-09-02 New Link Movies of a guy worshipping sweet asian feet, sex in high heel boots, lingerie and pantyhose with free preview
2121Abrille's Leg Fetish 08-04-02 New Link Original leg and high heels pictures
2046LEGS IN PANTYHOSE 07-08-02 New Link .
2047Sara's Public Socks 07-08-02 New Link .
2009Tacchi (adorabilmente) alti 07-01-02 Updated Monthly Shoes
2029Dirty Feet And High Heels 05-26-02 New Link High Heels
2122HIGH HEELS A LA CANDI 05-20-02Updated High Heels
2088JENN'S SEXY PICTURES 04-29-02 New Link Socks
2100Lís Shoe Play & Dippers 04-26-02 New Link .
2043Bootique 02-27-02 New Link The site is Cyberage protected and contains many picture s of women wearing boots.
2011Hanna's Klepper 02-26-02 New Link Original Free pictures, No proof of gender
2078Erotic High Heels 03-06-02updated Age check required
2083foxy ladies clothing 03-06-02updated Shoes. proof of gender on site 11-28-01 New Link #1 Sexy Sin-derella 10-15-01updated you can find over 1200 free pics of dangling, dipping, hellpopping, bare feet and nylon feet!, old title: Demon's Shoeplay Center
2106Hose And Heels 10-09-01Updated Proof on site
2041Fetish Fever Findings 08-26-01Re added Nylons
2038FeetAndShoes 08-20-01RE-added CyberAge Platinum required

Nylons and Shoes

This section is for the shoes and nylons lovers. Pages here may or may not be original. Pages here may require passwords

Ref Site #Site Address Last Updated Current Status More Information
2076Petons Tati 06-30-05Updated Shoes. No proof of gender 06-21-05 New Link Free pictures of all kind of girls wearing boots. Pictures are added by YOU!
2062higher 06-07-05 New Link High class girls, high heels and high boots. Free boots fetish movies and pictures.
2062Amazing High Heels Galery 04-20-05 New Link highheels and foot fetish
2107Intradita 04-01-05 New Link the site are 100% original and 100% free
2041Nylon Tops 03-16-05 New Link The hottest sites online in pantyhose, stockings and lingerie fetish categories. 12-01-04Updated Pantyhose fetish for pantyhose lovers. Pantyhose community with forums, stories, articles, pic post, chat and more. All Free!
2110Michelle Legs & Feet 11-13-04Updated .
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Ref Site #Site Address Last Updated Current StatusMore Information
5019 Foot Admirers FEET JUNKIE MEDIA 12-30-20 NEW Site Clips 4 sale.
5081 09-15-20 Updated weekly Amazing Femdom videos with beautiful young Goddesses being worshiped
5168 09-07-20Updated FFD
5038 foot fetish ebony 08-19-20 NEW Site . 08-10-20 Updated weekly High quality female domination and foot fetish pictures and video clips. 07-07-20 Updated weekly Original models in foot domination photo sets
5007 06-25-20 NEW Site Women playing footsies of all ethnicities
5113 Euphosia 06-13-20 NEW Site an adult social media plattform dedicated to all kinds of sex. Including foot fetish, boot fetish, female foot worship and more. Free forever!
5019 05-18-20 NEW Site Giantess Fetish Girls are stepping on your face. Best POV. Girls squish you under their feet, boots, shoes, socks like a bug
5190 05-07-20 NEW Site . 05-06-20 Updated weekly BHE Family Member
5013 04-16-20 NEW Site We are a foot fetish site, with several important categories for all tastes. Videos are added every day. In addition we also add videos requested by our users and it is possible for you to share them on our site.
5184 Foot Fetish by Oxy 04-03-20 NEW Site foot related sex toys
5125 03-30-20 NEW Site . 02-23-20Updated BHE Family Member
5097 02-12-20 NEW Site . 02-12-20 Updated weekly BHE Family Member
5044 01-08-20 NEW Site official site. Some free photosets. Many paid photosets and videos.
5118 11-28-19Updated .
5083 11-28-19Updated YouTube Channel, Instagram
5279 Mistress Legs 11-21-19 NEW Site official site. Some free photosets. Many paid photosets and videos. Links to all my social pages.
5017 10-25-19 NEW Site Foot Fetish Cam Shows
5100 10-22-19 NEW Site soles, in nylon and stockings, all ages, public places
5111 Foot Fetish Vid 10-18-19 NEW Site Video site
5229 08-26-19Updated Fetish Affairs is a fetish and foot fetish party, based in New York City
5592 08-13-19Updated Original models in foot domination 07-13-19Updated BHE Family, A family of honest sites
5245BNoemi's World 07-12-19Updated BHE Family Member, Feet and Jeans
5238 Ebony Footjobs 06-18-19 NEW Site Ebony Wonen giving incredible footjobs!
5579 Mistress Samantha Emiliani 06-09-19Updated Mistress site
5280 06-08-19Updated video site 04-15-19Updated SITE: DATES ARE OFF, BHE Family, A family of honest sites
5077 Cruel Claudia 03-22-19 NEW Site trample & dirty shoes worship 02-28-19Updated The best real life foot fetish experience in the west!
5239 02-23-19 NEW Site college students as the main age group and target demographic
5186 02-22-19Updated Great Collection Foot Fetish Videos and Exclusive Clips
5220 02-12-19Updated Beautiful girls exposing their nyloned legs and feet
5573 02-11-19Updated Gorgeous European girls exposing pantyhosed feet
5576 02-02-19Updated Foot Worship is a Adult Social Network for Female Feet, Femdom, fetishes and much more.
5103 01-31-19 NEW Site It is a hand-picked daily foot fetish videos tube, with specific categories. Reciprocal link is placed in the footer of every page, including videos.
5131 4 days week daily foot Worship, Trample, Smother, Ponyboy and spanking and caning fetishes. All Fem dom, male sub themes.
5181 4 days week daily BHE Member site
5200 4 days week daily .
5408 4 days week daily BHE family, flip-flops, spreads her toes and shows off her Smooth and Sexy soles in this completely FREE Miniset set!
5400 4 days week daily BHE family site - A candid foot site specializing in photography of women's feet at point blank range, when they're not looking.
5073 10-03-17 NEW Site Videos - Femdom, fetish, facesitting, trampling clips and photos. Also retro femdom video and old fetish photos.
5591 At My Neighbors Feet 04-04-17 NEW Site Videos
5590 03-18-17 NEW Site free foot fetish galleries from all over the web
5589 03-08-17 NEW Site . 03-06-17Updated Foot domination/worship/trample/crush.
5588 02-13-17 NEW Site .
5586 01-23-17 NEW Site .
5585 01-15-17 NEW Site Teenage girl showing her long legs and high arched feet.
5584 Feetporn 12-26-16 NEW Site It's just a site about a guy loving female feet.
5567 12-22-16Updated FNK is a nylon pantyhose/stockings fetish site, showing naughty amateurs from europe.
5583 12-20-16 NEW Site . 12-14-16Updated BHE Family, A family of honest sites
5182 Under-Shoes 11-11-16Updated 5135, Miss Lutine
5582 Pornstar Feet and Heels 11-10-16 NEW Site Pornstar Feet and Heels is a tube site specifically focuses on Pornstars Feet and their Shoes and Heels. Hand picked videos and detailed categories including pumps, wedges, peep-toe and if they keep them on for the whole video.
5582 11-07-16 NEW Site video site
5581 11-05-16 NEW Site video site 10-14-16Updated BHE Family, A family of honest sites
5580 10-08-16Updated Candid feet ,foot fetish interview, sleepy feet, necro feet, ballon, barefoot smocking, barefoot in public , kidnapped and foot worshipped
5281 Jax World Entertainment 09-13-16Updated Long toenails - claws 09-07-16Updated BHE Family Member, high heels, wedges, platforms, bare foot, dirty soles, close-ups and more!
5454 06-12-16 New Link Mistress Site
5577 12-29-15 New Link Videos
5574 12-01-15 Updated weekly exclusive picture sets of hot girls who wear tons of pantyhose, stockings and nylon socks all over their body.
5536 11-27-15Updated .
5575 Dirty Feet Photos 11-17-15Updated flickr page with over 4000 dirty foot photos
5315 11-17-15Updated A german foot fetish site with many models, free pictures, DVDs and socks to buy. No adult content
5020 Woman Worship 09-01-15Basically Dead I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SITE. THEY DO NOT ANSWER EMAIL. I have tried for months without response using different email addresses.
5571 Toronto Foot Fetish Parties 08-02-15 New Link Get instant access of our entire foot archive. See photos of Real-life foot fetish sessions by foot lovers all across the globe. Non-stop foot fetish action!
5568 Ace of Feet 07-20-15 New Link .
5546 07-07-15Updated Sexy feet of the amateur girl-next-door. 04-25-15Updated . 04-20-15 Updated weekly Mistress Claire's new femdom site &, where she dominates her male slaves. Inferior male creatures get beaten, humiliated, tortured and of course made to worship her feet!
5095 A Nurse's Feet 04-19-15Updated BHE Family Member
5541 12-05-14 New Link Foot Fetish Videos On Demand, stream or download foot fetish, foot worship, foot tease and footjob videos for as low as $2 each.
5333 Bikini and Fetish eMagazine 10-14-14 New Link Hot and sexy girls, Great photos, Fetish and bikiny theme, Nudity Exciting stories.
5347 10-06-14Updated .
5177 10-01-14 Updated weekly BHE Family Member
5557 03-30-14 New Link Mistress femdom and fetish content
5556 01-07-14Updated Female feet, toes, legs, hose, pantyhose, dangling, high heels, sandals, toesucking, smelling, soles, lingerie, video, pictures, multiple models, russian, footfetish, foot-fetish, soles, barefooting, barefoot, dirty feet, foot worship, Russian, foot licking, feet licking, lesbian
5561 12-24-13Updated BHE Family, A family of honest sites 12-17-13Updated group of 5-10 girls (still expanding with new models) and have them look cute and show off their perfect feet. 12-11-13 DEAD NO LONGER UPDATING.
5086 11-21-13Updated We offer products and services for clients with a foot fetish like us!
5411 11-07-13Updated .
5228 10-26-13Updated Female Feet Fetish, Femdom, Fighting & Facesitting!
5555 Foot Fetish Housewive 10-20-13Updated video store.
5344 10-06-13Updated Foot modeling meets glamour photography 10-01-13 Updated weekly Original models in foot domination photo sets
5085 09-30-13 New Link .
5133 09-30-13 New Link The Dominatrix awaits her submissive for face sitting, foot worship, and other bondage / BDSM activities every mistress enjoys. Come meet the femdoms.
5538 09-30-13 Updated weekly BHE Family Member
5343 09-19-13Updated .
5016 07-21-13Updated Dominatrix awaits her submissive for face sitting, foot worship, and other bondage / BDSM activities every mistress enjoys. Come meet the femdoms.
5276 07-07-13Updated BHE Family, A family of honest sites
5356 06-28-13Updated BHE Family, A family of honest sites
5518 05-27-13Updated Foot Fetish from Turkey and friends.
5440 04-29-13 New site We offer products and services for clients with a foot fetish like us!
5428 04-26-13 New site 5032
5032 sockenmaedchen 04-26-13Updated .
5495 04-19-13 New site .
5282 04-06-13Updated over 15 models posted with weekly updates featuring models of all ethnicities.
5080 04-05-13 New site natural blond, mature woman from The Netherlands.(Holland)
5538 03-24-13 New site Beautiful babes with sexy legs in tights and pantyhose.
5216 WOW!!Feet 03-19-13Updated Amateur women with great feet sharing their toes and soles.
5562 03-12-13Updated weekly Candid dipping, dangling and heelpopping
5233 03-06-13Updated Goddess Damiana Amateur Foot Fetish Fantasies Featuring Various foot Models Involving Dangling, Crushing, Bondage, Tickling, Role Play, Footsies, Candid Video Clips & More!
1323 02-25-13Updated .
5560 02-07-13 New site .
5304 02-01-13Updated clips.
5559 01-09-13 Updated weekly High quality female foot fetish pictures and video clips. 11-21-12 Updated weekly Tickle site
5103 09-03-12Updated Foot domination/worship/trample/crush.
5554 Goddess Samanta 07-30-12 New site .
5536 02-20-13Updated SHE-Male Warning: Michelle Firestone and Evie Eliot
5070 Feet Dreams 04-09-12Updated The site is 13 years old (this July 08) So there's a ton of material; like 45,000 files or something. For a new member, first time here, it's a overwelming of a selection.
5550 04-03-12Updated Inside you will love and enjoy amateur domestic fetish, trample, foot domination, boots worship, human furniture, spitting and face sitting.
5011 Barefoot Forever 02-19-12Updated Beautiful French girls barefooting in Paris
5419 02-19-12Updated The beginnings of the famous Postmodern Women site in 2002 and 2003 with its beautiful models barefooting in the streets of Paris.
5549 02-04-12 New site european feet
5547 01-19-12 New site .
5237RUnder-feet 01-10-12Updated fooTDomination, worship, trample, crush, rm 01-10-12Updated Mistress site, original photos of female domination
5407 12-15-11Updated Mistress site
5545 12-02-11 New Link .
5543 11-02-11 New Link .
5370 Amateur Canadian Girls 10-30-11Updated, BHE Family, A family of honest sites
5403 BrazilFeet 10-30-11Updated Fem/FemDom Site
5475 10-24-11 Updated weekly . 10-06-11 Updated weekly High quality female domination and foot fetish pictures and video clips.
5397 09-27-11Updated .
5540 FOOT FETISH SANCTUARY 08-09-11 New site Unique, High Quality, Foot Fetish site with daily updates!
5232 08-02-11Updated Videos and files
5114 07-25-11Updated family BHE, photos footworship, footjobs,bare feet, pretty feet, trample, cute soles and more photos and models
5538 07-21-11 New site .
5368 07-12-11Updated .
5537 07-07-11 New site .
5535 06-17-11Updated .
1363 06-11-11Updated BHE Family, Proven Female page
5355 05-21-11 New site Ebony Mistress site
5386 05-21-11 New site .
5478 04-21-11 New site A FREE Foot Fetish Community featuring foot fetish videos, photos, chat forums and more!
5142 12-23-10Updated girl-girl domination, foot/shoefetish, trampling, pedal-pumping and crushing, our site exist since 1999
5305 China Foot Fetish 12-16-10 New site We are a paysite focusing on Chinese girls' feet. We have amateur foot models, professional foot models, and candid photos. 12-13-10 Updated weekly Original models in foot domination photo sets
5014 12-11-10 Updated weekly BHE Family
5209 12-11-10Updated BHE Family member
5388 12-10-10Updated Top UK Foot Fetish model HIGH ARCHED UK SIZE 8,5"10 for the sexiest and most unique feet around.
5121 12-05-10 Updated weekly, Pornstar Feet...your only online choice for perfect Pornstar Feet. 5312
5117 12-03-10 New site .
5208 12-03-10 New site .
5210 12-03-10 New site .
5330 11-17-10Updated .
5009 11-14-10 New site Brazilian feet
5064 Foot Torture 10-20-10 New site Foot fetish site.
5135 10-19-10 New site Foot fetish site specializing in footjobs, domination, humiliation, GTS, food/object crush, pedal pumping, forced sniffing/licking, worship, and more.
5149 10-06-10 New site . 10-06-10 Updated weekly Proven female page, Large collection of beautiful playful girls. 10-06-10 Updated weekly Proven female page, Large collection of beautiful playful girls.
5147 09-29-10 New site .
5155 09-23-10Updated GRnetwork is the abbreviation for "German reality network". As the name already mentions, we are specialized in authentic, next-door amateur women doing things with their feet or related to feet
5231 09-21-10 New site BHE-family of sites
5155 06-25-10 New site GRnetwork is the abbreviation for "German reality network". As the name already mentions, we are specialized in authentic, next-door amateur women doing things with their feet or related to feet
5346IMy Nylons' World 09-10-10 Updated weekly . 09-10-10 Updated weekly .
5101 09-05-10 New site Membership page 08-23-10 New site A family of sites 08-23-10 New site A family of sites 08-23-10 New site A family of sites 08-23-10 New site A family of sites 08-23-10 New site A family of sites 08-23-10 New site A family of sites 08-23-10 New site A family of sites 08-23-10 New site A family of sites 08-23-10 New site A family of sites
5328 08-23-10 Updated weekly I love to dominate men with My perfect soles and beautiful toes:) cum and see boys! 08-20-10Updated Ikcawon's Page For Female Feet Lovers
5296 08-15-10Updated Beautiful and Elegant Female models posing Barefoot for respectable, classy, and casual eye candy shots. This site is intended for the foot fetish enthusiast, and for all who enjoy looking at Beautiful Female feet.
5243 08-13-10 New site Pedal pumping related website
5334 08-04-10Updated .
5491 08-02-10Updated Cute european girls feet, soles and toes close-ups, outdoor and studio sessions, thousands of sexy pictures and a new serie every week. "Feet For Style", exclusively, offers You the classy feet photography provided by the talented photographer MaxMart.
5227 07-30-10 New site Foreign site, portugal
5030 CBTrampling 05-18-10 New site Trampling on cock and balls - I'll crush your cock and balls flat. I'll squeeze out all the Cum - FULL WEIGHT COCK AND ALL TRAMPLING under Feet, Boots, High Heels and more.
5143 07-27-10 New site .
5017 07-27-10 Updated weekly .
5162 07-26-10 New site .
5341 07-13-10 New site Online guide to the interior of girl's shoes!
5319 07-09-10 New site .
5034 07-09-10 New site All they want to do is walk all over you!
5089 06-25-10 New site Clips only
5500 College Feet Archive 06-22-10Updated A gallery of real college girls and their bare feet.
5456 SoleYum 06-20-10Updated .
5094 CrescentCitySoles.Com 06-16-10 New site .
5252EFemDomTown 05-31-10Updated Sister site to and,
5171 04-27-10 New site female domination site. Inside you will love and enjoy amateur domestic fetish, trample, foot domination, boots worship, shoes worship, human furniture, spitting and face sitting.
5049 04-15-10 New site Japanese girls sexy feet videos.
5178 Angelic Feet 04-15-10 New site Lesbian Tampa feet and trample services
5096 04-10-10Updated Our site proudly presents the most beautiful girls in Russia. They live and study in Russia. They always look sexy. And they certainly like admiring glances of men losing their minds over their gorgeous legs and feet.
5120 04-09-10 New site Japanese girls sexy feet videos.
5365 Asian Feet 03-12-10 New site Mega Asian feet site with over 50,000 Photos, movies and more. We've spent years collecting, shooting and purchasing material to bring you AsianFeet.Asia
5318 03-07-10Updated .
5310 02-09-10 Updated weekly .
5170 02-06-10 New site .
5320 02-06-10 New site .
5309 02-06-10 New site .
5242 02-06-10 New site .
5308 02-06-10 New site .
5313 02-06-10 New site .
5218 02-06-10 New site .
5059 02-06-10 New site .
5295 02-06-10 New site .
5166 02-04-10Updated .
5277 Russian Legs And Feet 01-31-10 New site .
5176 01-29-10Updated Asian girl's foot fetish videos
5217 Lust For Feet 01-14-10Updated BHE Family
5525 Feet Fetish Girls from Austria 01-03-10 New site Feet Fetish Girls from Austria
5524 12-28-09 New site .
5523 12-22-09 New site .
5336 12-20-09Updated Young Ladys - Beautiful Feet
5522 12-10-09 New site BHE family
5521 12-01-09 New site .
5520 11-11-09 New site .
5301 05-25-10 Updated weekly Feet of is dedicated to beautiful female feet! We will bring you only the best in amateur foot models from all around the world!
5214 10-10-09Updated Amateur bondage & Foot Fetish! Bare Feet, Nylons, High-Heels, Bondage + More!!
5519 FeetEmpress 10-31-09 New site FeetEmpress is where beautiful ladies showing their feet and leg
5216 10-10-09 New site Feet Fetish website from Turkey with member area, more than 1000 free pictures and a free amateure section.
5215 10-07-09 New site New York City's Finest Female Feet Get Worshiped By Unworthy Foot-Slaves
5502 09-22-09 Updated weekly Giantess, foot POV, crush and shrinking fetish with hot and young French girls
5145 09-03-09 New site .
5314 Girls In Socks 08-23-09 New site Socks
5456 08-02-09 New link Proven female site
5005 Feet Factory 08-01-09Updated BHE Member site, Rachel's Foot Fetish
5513 07-19-09 Updated weekly Fetish Austria Girls dominate men
5512 Wicked Sexy Feet 07-08-09 New link Hot Blonde amateur footfetishgirl in Cali...heels, barefeet, stockings and more
5511 Trample In Holland 07-05-09 Updated weekly free pics, and paid clips.
5510 07-01-09 New site .
5110 07-01-09Updated Sexy mature BBW from INDIA with shapely legs, teasing feet, killer high heels and a very KINKY mind!
5509 Feet and Food 06-27-09 new link .
5508 Lady Tarna's High Heels 06-23-09Updated Private german High Heels page with picture gallery
5507 06-12-09 Updated weekly Classy Lady with a pantyhose & high heel fetish. Feet to worship.
5297 06-11-09Updated New Footfetish Site about beautiful ladys in sneakers and socks thousands of original exclusive pictures
5506 06-09-09 New site Visit Princess Sweet Cherry Feet for all your foot fetish, giantess feet, foot pov, trampling, trample, socks, nylons, smoking, wrestling, smothering and spitting needs.
5505 Philippine Nylon Feet Beauties 06-05-09 New site Feet and all covered with smooth & silk Pantyhose. Sharp details, more than your eyes can see.
5504 05-19-09 Updated weekly Leg and foot fetish model referal site as well as product production for videos and photo sets as well as sessions
5303 04-13-09Updated dirty feet
5501 05-12-09 Updated weekly BHE Family
5503 05-06-09 New site Object crush, toy, doll, food, cigarette crush clips and videos.
5497 Nylonsniffers 04-26-09 Updated weekly Nylon,
5498 Queens of Soles 04-23-09 New site Young and Mature Feet in one Site - Trampling Feet Soles
5247 04-23-09Updated .
5496 DIVA BIZARRE's Foot Fetish and Femdom Adventures 04-12-09 New site Over 2100 High Quality Pictures and special Videoclips featuring the blonde Bombshell Mistress Diva Bizarre!
5494 FEETBEAUTIES Foot Fetish and Sniffing Arena 04-09-09 New site Over 6000 High Quality Pictures and over 10 Hours of fine Videomaterial featuring the hottest and sexiest† Mistresses of the European Femdom-Scene! 04-06-09 Updated weekly Membership page, The home of Lexi with the highest arches in the world! 04-06-09 Updated weekly Sister site to 04-06-09 Updated weekly Sister site to, Models in bondage 04-06-09 Updated weekly Sister site to, Models in nylons 04-06-09 Updated weekly . 04-02-09Updated Only exclusive, fresh photo and video content! Our hot ladies just love to smother their slaves with pussies and assholes!
1416SDSL Celebs 04-02-09Updated The free section of the site is updated Daily, the archieves are updated 3-5+ times a week on average.
5493 03-21-09 New site .
5492 03-06-09 New site The original Sockgirl, all amateur girls with dirty socks. G and X rated content. Good free sample area. The oldest and best sock site around!
5490 Sasha Foot Torture 02-18-09Updated Free site footfetish, foot torture, bastinado, falaka, foot bondage, footjob, soles, sexy feet and many more things.
5202 Sweet Gabriele 02-12-09 New site Stiefel, Matsch und, mud and more
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5489 02-09-09 New site The hottest footjobs, footplay, tickling action
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5152 Foot Lifestyle 01-11-09Updated Membership page, beautiful models
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5481 12-28-08 New site Fetichista de pies is a spanish footfetish site and contains free foot fetish pictures, movies and links. Weekly updated with galleries about feet, footjob, foot worship, trampling, pantyhose, stockings and high heels
5479 12-26-08 New site Black femdom ebony foot fetish humiliation domina
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5470 Hot Bodies and Feet 11-07-08 New site Young girls with sexy feet like to worship guys with their feet
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5469 - Guide of Female FootFetish 11-01-08 New site - The International Guide of Female Foot Fetish - Relaunch
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5467 10-22-08 New site Hot and steaming foot photography with HUGE image sizes. Creative poses and High detailed photos of beautiful models feet.
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5461 Firebug-FDGirls 09-24-08 New site Hugs and Kisses, Firebug-FDGirls 09-24-08Updated The ultimate site for all original foot worship, trampling and dominant female feet!
1188 SOLE FOOD Cafe 09-22-08Updated Proven female Page, Beautiful Black Babes
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5453 CAPITULATION - The Pleasure of Surrender 09-03-08Updated victory pose site 08-27-08 Updated weekly .
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5382 - Crushed and abused under her 06-17-08Updated She crushes and abuses his tiny cock under her merciless shoes.
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5429 06-16-08Updated Tickle Television is now a membership site. Updates 3X a week.
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5434 killfeet 06-13-08 Updated weekly Foot Seduction
5431 06-09-08 Updated weekly Hot Blonde foot-fetish-girl in California-USA amateur foot model, heels, barefeet, stockings and more
5432 06-06-08 New site BHE family - Amiee has some smokin' hot feet. She like to show off her long toenails, and soft soles.
5430 05-29-08 New site B-H-E Member site
5221 05-19-08Updated BHE Family Member Site
5427 05-07-08 New site BHE family member. Been around for about 1 1/2 years.
5426 DIVINA ARTEMISIA 04-28-08 Updated weekly Divina Artemisia and their young friends. Photo and videos FOOT WORSHIP BAREFOOT TRAMPLING FOOT HUMILIATION HIGH HEELS SPITTING SLAPS
5278 Iffelmaxe - Shoefetish,Crush,CBT with platforms+boots 04-26-08Updated Original site with Iffelmus and her friends. Crush, Female Domination and CBT under heavy platforms and boots.
5296 04-24-08 New site Feetloves is a gloabal feet fetish website from Turkey including international professional and amateure models living out their feet fetish desires.
5185 04-15-08Updated Nylons
5241 04-13-08Updated .
5425 ClassyLegs 04-08-08 New link A portfolio of leg fashions in culture and media, displayed by models, celebrities, and contemporary ladies. hundreds of free pics. Daily Pic, updated daily. Also a paid section, non-adult, with preview thumbnails.
5424 03-30-08 New link Italian Foot Fetish site,dvd and clips,announces and a member section.
5423 03-20-08 New link non-nude, barefeet site. Nice European girls with tasty soles.
5422 tramplefun girls 03-16-08 New site some street trample pcs of street girls and sole scanes and much more
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5402 02-28-08Updated Original photos of female fighting, trampling, domination, foot worship and victory poses.
5071 02-25-08Updated .
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5417 02-21-08 New site Mistress Site
5418 02-21-08 New site Mistress Site
5415 02-19-08 New site Mistress Site
5414 Foot fetish Domina - Obey to my feet, Slave! 02-09-08 New site Mistress Site
5288 Under Her Feet 02-09-08Updated A temple of female foot worship, trampling and femdom.
5385 01-31-08Updated .
5413 01-29-08 New site If you love sexy nylon covered feet then I'm the girl for you. I just love showing off my sexy feet and legs as well as a lot of other things in my members section. Why don't you come over for a peek?
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5409 01-17-08 New site Sexy girls who love to get their feet messy in sloppy foods!
5131 12-28-07Updated A true High Quality site for those who loves Swedish and Norwegian girls sexy feet and soles.
5129 12-28-07Updated Video
5406 12-26-07 New site Feet videos, feet pictures, on-line journal of my feet
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5188 12-15-07Updated Multi-nations Modeqs
5404 12-13-07 New Link Do you like footjob and pantyhose movies? This is your place! Especial exclusive PANTYHOSE and FOOTJOB videos
5316 POLISH FEET CENTRE 11-27-07Updated .
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5226 11-16-07Updated It features amateur footgirls from around the world engaged in footjobs, worship, footplay, modeling, crushing, torture, oneshoe, voyeur, casting and more!
5398 Francine - (used) Shoepage 11-10-07Updated No adult content
5065 Amateur Model Megan 10-25-07Updated megan site, Meet and a sexy redhead who is not afraid to show her face!
5395 10-22-07 New site Exotic Foot Models is all about the beauty of exotic feet. This site mainly features models from the Middle-East and Iran. So if you like Arabic and Persian girls feet
5395 10-22-07 New site Soles Of Dirt is all about dirty feet. Sweaty feet right out of the sneakers and dirty feet from walking barefoot. If you like dirty feet, extraordinary beautiful girls and dirty soles
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5389 09-27-07Closing .
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5357 Renee's 07-02-07 Updated weekly Female Feet Fetish, BHE Family Member Site
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5148 PocketSex 05-15-07Updated .
5369 05-07-07 Updated weekly Foot loving chicks letting their imagination run wild.
5335 FootPixies and Female Foot Art 05-03-07 Updated weekly Foot Fetish, Pointed Toes, Wrinkled Soles, High Arches, Leg Glamour, Toe Curling, Sole Vacuuming, Toe kissing 04-18-07 Updated weekly BHE Family Member 04-18-07 Updated weekly BHE Family Member
5359ILeg Fetish 04-18-07 Updated weekly BHE Family Member
1268 03-16-07Updated proven of female gender site
5366 04-07-07 New Link Femdom site that includes a lot foot worship and foot related material.
5205 Remove the Shoes 04-04-07Updated Proof on site, no divas or model types...the kind of girls you could meet at the mall!
5364 04-01-07 New Link We are an exotic car pedal pumping site.
5363 03-30-07 New Link french amateur girl's footjobs and feet !
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5360 03-26-07 New Link Female Feet Fetish, BHE Family Member Site, Dedicated to all who appreciate and adore beautiful female feet, high heels, pedal pumping, dangling and much more.
5246 Neta's Feet 03-16-07Updated .
5156 03-13-07 New Link At foot fetish girls you can view girlfeet and thousands of pictures and videos with nice girls showing their naked feet. You can order the updates on CD-ROM, directly download or view them in the members area.
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5134 02-20-07 New Link Barefoot Factory features the Hottest Pornstars and amateurs from around the world. Images & videos are 100% exclusive. Content is created by the world's leading foot-fetish and Leg Show magazine photographer Ed Fox
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5146 02-07-07Updated 100% exclusive amateurs! Thousands of hi-rez pics. Tons of vids. Soles, worship, sniffing, dirty feet, socks, boots, voyeur, and more...
5312-Nylon Sexy Girls 02-07-07Updated Beautiful amateur girls with nylons of all kinds! Sniffing, licking, worship, lesbians and much more. Hi-res pics and vids!
5057 01-27-07 New Link .
5021 Soles TV 01-25-07 New Link .
5253 ReitstiefelGirl 01-24-07 New Link Dominant "Reitstiefelgirl" (Ridingbootsgirl) from Germany show her Riding Collection, sklaves punishment, bootlicking, trampling
5219 01-05-07Updated contains high quality pictures and videoclips of russian girls walking barefoot through city streets, forest, even in rain and snow. 5250
5354 Dominant Dolls Ball Busting and Femdom Video Store 12-10-06 New Link Dominant Dolls has been producing hard core ball kicking videos since 1999. We feature real female domination with beautiful cruel feet, spike heels, bare feet, bare kness and nylong leg and foot domination. DVD and VHS plus streaming video
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1169 sweet southern 12-02-06Updated BHE Family Member Site, all original, Sweet Southern Feet, clip Store
5350 11-30-06 Updated weekly .
2342 asian feet 11-26-06Updated Our site is a new site about asian feet, originals, foot worship, footjob, crushing, soles and sandals.
5349 Femdom videos 11-18-06 New Link Pics and videos about all kind of female domination
5040 foot-alarm 11-18-06Updated Female feet in shoes
5348 SADOBEAUTIES footfetish with the hottest Mistresses

11-15-06 New Link Enjoy Foot Fetish, Foot Worshipping, Facesitting and much more with some exclusive Mistresses from the European BDSM Scene! Lots of Action Videoclips and more than 3600 Pictures in our constantly growing Members-Area.
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5332 ADDICTED TO FEET 09-28-06 New Link Paysite - Hot Foot Fetish Babes Giving Footjobs, Wet Messy Feet, Socks, Stockings And Pantyhose, Shoe Dangling And Bare Foot Images And Videos
5224 Riding Mistress Lady Isabell 09-25-06Updated Riding Cult Video Clips
5331 Tropics Barefoot 09-18-06 New Link .
5329 08-31-06 New Link BHE Family Member Site
5323 08-29-06Updated Ebony footfetish site, proof of females on site
2066 Wet and Messy Shoes 10-14-04Updated Shoes, ABUSEDSHOES.COM, High Heels Trampling Domination and Abuse