November 21, 2003







I have gotten email that tells me that my head is up my ass. I am glad to find a picture to confirm this is actually true! The reason, I get these emails are listed below but is not limited to the following table list.




I am pro-Life!

Read the Bible.

I am a Democrat

I am not a millionaire.

I do not support Bush.

He has stolen the American White House.

I give programs with codes

I found the codes out on the web. This is not information on a standard search of the web.

I supported the Iraq War 2

I will as long as Proof of WMD is found.

I stand up for picture watermarking.

This provides ownership of the scanning only! ONCE that the pictures are offered for free they may be used anywhere.

I do not give membership access out to anyone.

The access that I am granted, I take as a gift and will not violate the trust.

I do not allow webmaster Double Dipping. root

My goal is to have many webmasters and different looks.

The mouse file is down.

Mouse demanded the removal. The reason/request is online at

I do not support newsgroups, message boards, and robot feetlinks on the feet page.

This things are crap! The work and control are poor.

I am black and white on issues

Yep! Sometimes there is shades of gray. But there is no more Gray (Davis) in California.