Last Update: November 15, 1998

If you are under 21 LEAVE! Grow up and then come back. By using any of this links you are taking all the responsibility. This site is for ADULTS ONLY!!

Must be an adult Aged 21 or older!


The Night Hawk does *NOT* take ANY responsibility for any claims made on the attached pages, whether by vendors or otherwise. I link these pages here to help others find what will, I hope, make them happy. I do ask others or the page owners to tell me when the updates happen. If at any time any of these site pages promote illegal acts, I will remove the link without *notice*. I may even turn them in, if such illegal acts are flagrant. People with fetishes are seen as strange, be used as proof of that perception. In fact, we should enforce a higher standard of behavior or morality on ourselves.

"This site is a free site! Support the page if you like it. Do NOT visit if you do not support my disclaimer! This site is to promote the female form. This site will not promote any homosexuality page dealing with men (period). If you are looking for male on male page, please leave now. There is a difference between a male kissing the feet of a female and male on male. The difference is "I will not promote or link it (period)".

You see no matter how nicely I state it; this site is for ladies feet ONLY. I do not care if the ladies are gay or straight. I have been called biased and worse, welcome to America! If you want a male site, start one on your own. My supporters and I paid for this one.

Any use of kid's feet on any site page, I deem to be pedophilia and that is sick, not to mention illegal, and any link that displays it here will be deleted (period). Models must be greater or equal to eighteen years of age to not be considered a child. Also, animal abuse in any manner will NOT be allowed or displayed!

The Internet is a large place, so if you disagree with me on the focus of this page, LEAVE! Start a page of your own and get your own points out. E-mailing me and telling me I'm biased is just a waste of your time. Contacting my provider is also a waste of your time, as I have already and openly contacted the Provider myself, and if there is any problems with them, "we" correct it ASAP. This page is fine and will continue as is!

This site is also protected by the "First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America", and I have not broke any laws or rules of my provider.

I respect all people, I choose to stand up and say, "NO, there are limits." Pages not complying with these standards or rules will not be linked.

Pages are responsible for the links proved by the webmaster. If I find an illegal link on any page the parent page will be unlinked.

Banner advertisers are responsible to this disclaimer! Paid advertising will be terminated by Night Hawk at anytime if the site falls outside this disclaimer!

At NO TIME will refunds of money be made!


Thank You,

The disclaimer was removed from the feet page because it applies to webmasters new and old linked on the feet page. Users should be aware of the mission statement (the disclaimer) and should force pages to live by the same code of conduct. If you should disagree with me, I understand. Goodbye!

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